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Some Recent Comments from Learners and Parents

Learning with Tracey does not just mean learning how to play the piano. I have loved learning about the Theory of Music. Our conversations about this lead us in all directions. I never thought I would be doing homework at my advanced age. A great teacher and good fun.

Jean - Adult Learner

My teenage daughter has been having Piano lessons with Tracey for a while now and she loves going to her classes, always asks me for extra lessons in the holidays and no longer needs nagging to practise! - Tracey is enthusiastic about what she does- connects well with her and supports her in her GCSE music as well. 

Emma - Parent

Tracey has been teaching me for a year and a half now.  As a adult revisiting piano lessons, Tracey has been able to adapt to my style of learning - don’t want to do much theory, hate playing scales - and has found different exercises and modified my favourite pieces of music to make them accessible for my level of playing.  As a result I am really enjoying my lessons and feel I am making ‘real’ music rather than working my way through a basic learn to play book, which is far more enjoyable and motivating.  I started lessons so I could play for pleasure and that is what Tracey makes it.

Caroline - Adult Learner

Tracey is a really patient and enthusiastic piano teacher and my son is really enjoying his weekly lessons as a result. The pace at which he is picking up the instrument and his knowledge of music theory is really impressive. I wish I'd had Tracey as a teacher when I was learning as a child!

Sally - Parent

Tracey is kind and patient with me and always helps me when I find things tricky. I love it when Tracey sends my mum recordings of the pieces I played in my lesson - I always share them with my Dad!

Reuben - Young Learner

Tracey is a fantastic piano teacher - she teaches my son not only how to play piano by both listening and reading music; she also works on teaching them age-appropriate musical theory. Tracey is very positive in her feedback, and encourages a positive approach to learning. Tracey is great at choosing fun songs that my son looks forward to learning.

Sorrel - Parent

Tracey is my favourite piano teacher ever and she is really nice and a very good teacher. If I was to pick the best piano teacher in the world it would be so easy because nobody compares to her.

Izzy - Young Learner

I have been having piano lessons with Tracey for almost a year now. I last played the piano properly 15 years ago. Tracey is a brilliant teacher! First and foremost she is easy to get along with, but her love and enthusiasm for piano make our lessons interesting and fun. She is very methodical when explaining both theory and practical piano playing. She also puts in a lot of extra work by emailing me videos and information on topics covered in our lessons. Upon meeting Tracey for the first time a year ago, my words were “I don’t want to do exams”. A year later, we are planning grade 2 exams! I have learnt eight grade 1 pieces in that time - thank you Tracey! 

Anna - Adult Learner

I have been learning to play the piano with Tracey for nearly a year now. Having played a little many years ago, I was nervous about restarting.  However, Tracey’s friendly, flexible and patient approach to learning helps me feel relaxed and comfortable. Tracey goes above and beyond outside the lesson, researching and preparing, to help you along your piano journey.  Above all the lessons are enjoyable and I would highly recommend!

Angie- Adult Learner

Tracey has been my daughter’s piano teacher since September 2022. She is an excellent teacher; the difference in my daughter’s playing is unbelievable. Tracey is patient, understands her needs and knows how to get the best out of her students.

Fiona - Parent

I have been having weekly piano lessons with tracey for over half a year now and she has been supporting me with my GCSE Music work and helped me advance in my technique. 

I really look forward to my lessons because she creates a friendly and comfortable environment to learn in.

Freja - Young Learner

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