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Comments from Pupils and Parents

I have been learning to play the piano with Tracey for eight years and have enjoyed every minute. She is an excellent teacher, very patient and tolerant with this older learner, but most of all we have a lot of fun!

Jean - Adult Learner

Tracey helped me to prepare for the Music Theory element of my Grade 7 Guitar exam. She has a clear, friendly, teaching style which helped me grasp things I previously hadn’t understood.

Philip  - Music Theory Pupil

If you are looking for a piano teacher, I would definitely recommend Tracey. She is an amazing teacher who has taught me through Grades 1 to 4. She is really kind and easy to talk to, and you will have no problem getting to know her.

Matty - Piano Pupil

Tracey is a fantastic piano teacher… patient, kind, and superb at explaining things clearly and precisely. She has been teaching my son since he was 7 years old, until the present, now age 16. Although grades are not for everyone, my son has enjoyed having a goal to aim for, and has achieved up to Grade 4 with Tracey’s guidance, and is well on the way towards his Grade 5. Between grades, they have spent time exploring pieces my son has heard and liked, which has resulted in a genuine enjoyment of his piano. I cannot recommend Tracey highly enough!

Fiona - Parent

Martha is loving her piano lessons and always comes out from her lesson smiling and full of enthusiasm to tell me what she has been doing.  She is developing a great musical foundation and having fun doing so.

Mel - Parent

Tracey is a great piano teacher and has taught 3 of of our children.  She is very patient and flexes her teaching to make sure that she is stretching her pupils but making their lessons very enjoyable.  She taught our daughter up to Grade 5 and I think she is now a great pianist with a real love for playing.

Sam - Parent

I was taught by Tracey for 6 years, and enjoyed all of my time with her. Her lessons are fun and entertaining, structured in such a way that you learn the skills and finesse required for playing, whilst developing a proper love for the piano and music. I took all of my ABRSM exams up until Grade 5, and Tracey is a patient, thorough and engaging teacher.

Megan - Pupil

My daughter has loved her lessons with Tracey who has kept her interest and enthusiasm going over many years with exactly the right amount of encouragement and support right up to Grade 7 piano and theory.

Caryn - Parent

Tracey taught my son for over a decade. You could not wish for a better teaching style; she was thoughtful with performance tips and practice notes, patient and humorous at the right times so that my son made progress without the dread of going to lessons that afflicts so many! We are very lucky that he had such a positive teacher who enabled him to reach a high grade. Thank you Tracey!

Jennie - Parent

"Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed her piano lessons with Tracey. She wanted to learn for fun, so was not keen on studying for grades or exams. Tracey was very flexible in suggesting pieces of music which would keep her interested whilst still developing her skills."

Dorothy - Parent

I have been having lessons with Tracey now for just over 6 months. What a fabulous teacher! She has re-ignited my passion for music and playing the piano, which I have not done for about 40 years. She provides an excellent balance of encouragement and constructive feedback to allow continuous improvement. Her explanations of the theory provide an excellent platform on which to build practical skill and, with all her experience, she is able to advise techniques for making the practical more accurate. She is compassionate and understanding when there are difficulties and never ever makes me feel incompetent for not being able to master the aspects I have trouble with. And, when the difficulties arise, at each lesson she sparks that passion again through her own enthusiasm.

I cannot recommend more highly Tracey as a music/piano teacher.

Paula - Adult Learner

My son really enjoys his piano lessons with Mrs Cleaton. She is friendly and encouraging but ensures that he knows exactly what to do to improve. My son was very well prepared for his recent Grade 1 piano exam, and was delighted to pass with merit.


I really enjoy having piano lessons with Mrs Cleaton. She is friendly and enthusiastic and makes learning piano fun. Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve Grade 1.


Reviews: Student Testimonials
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