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I am very excited to tell you that I am now a Registered Exam Centre for Trinity College London!

In response to a changing world, Trinity College London announced that they were going to offer digital exams. These exams have been designed to support teaching, learning and assessment through a digital medium.

Last November, I received an email from Trinity College London, inviting me to apply to be a Registered Exam Centre. This was immediately something of great interest to me, as I had recently put students in for graded exams during the pandemic/lockdown. After completing the application process, I was delighted to be told told that my application had been successful!

This means that, if my students choose to sit a graded exam, they:

🎵 can sit their practical grades in my newly refurbished piano teaching room

🎵 no longer have to travel to an exam venue

🎵 can play on a familiar piano in a familiar environment

🎵 can take the exam whenever they are ready - no more sticking to set exam dates!

Exams are videoed in my piano teaching room and uploaded onto a Trinity portal. It doesn’t matter how many times a video is recorded, as long as it is in one continuous performance! So, no more nerve-wracking ‘one attempt only’ in an exam venue!

In order to make their exams more suitable for digital submissions, Trinity removed the need for sight reading (“phew” say some students!) and aural tests. These have been replaced with ‘Overall Performance’, where the candidate’s entire performance (ie pieces and technical work) is awarded two separate marks corresponding to two assessment areas. These assessment areas are ‘performance delivery and focus’ and ’musical awareness’.

I am looking forward to submitting my first digital exam within the next few months!

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